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Telescopic Pole

AED 150.00

Our fully adjustable pole for cleaning of floors and windows.

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Length: from 90 to 170cm

Used in conjunction with the Floocleaner Plate, the Combiwiper or the Flexi for additional reach. An ergonomically correct position is guaranteed due to the variable height adjustment. The biggest household hazard (climbing on chairs or tables, or ladders) is eliminated.

When used with the Combiwiper windows on conservatories are easily tackled; with the Flexi tool can be used for the dusting of curtain rails, wardrobes, light fittings and air-conditioning vents.

Caution: When fully extended take care not to bend the pole by applying excessive force. Keep out of reach of children; this is not a toy.


  • Extending the Telescopic Pole: turn yellow/black shell to the left to loosen the pole, pull pole to required length and fixate by turning yellow/black shell to the right.