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Strong Floor Pack


AED 720.00 AED 600.00

“Sweep” and “mop” floors quickly and easily the ENJO way! Recommended for outdoor or rough floors.

Actual value is AED 720

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The ergonomically designed floor cleaner allows you to “sweep” and “mop” without bending, you can even change the fibre with your toes. The Dust Floorfibre holds the dust until you shake, or wash, it out; great for anyone with asthma as no dust fills the air. The Strong Floorfibre is great for deep cleaning and will remove the build-up of dirt, grime, detergents or other residues from indoor surfaces and outdoor Alfresco tiling.

Set Includes:

  1. Our ENJO Floorcleaner tool (plate and pole)
  2. Our Floorfibre Dust to replace your broom
  3. Our Floorfibre Strong to replace your mop

Caution: Do not leave dirty or wet Floorfibres to dry on the Floorcleaner.


  • Use the Dust Floorfibre to “sweep” your floor.
  • Use the Strong Floorfibre damp to wet.