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Real Soap Plus

AED 65.00

Our “degreaser” is ideal for spot cleaning and removing grease.

Size: 250ml

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For use on stains on carpets, upholstery, clothing or other textiles. For hand washing and spot cleaning of clothes.

Real Soap Plus is an effective cleaner for greasy surfaces, making it ideal for use in the kitchen (oven, sinks and draining boards) and in place of washing up liquid. Excellent for use where the fibre alone is not enough in the house e.g. stubborn dirt on timber surfaces (smoke and grime), dirt on window and door frames, and for car windscreens (where there are insect spots or grease).

Caution: The effectiveness of Real Soap Plus is affected by water hardness, it is less effective in very hard water. When used with hard water, calcium in the water mixes with the oil in the Real Soap Plus and can result in streaks. If this is the case use Polishing Cleaner. Store out of reach of children. Store in a dry, cool, dark place.


  • Use pure or diluted.
  • This cleaner is highly concentrated; for every 5 Litres of water use approx. 20 drops.
  • To remove spots/stains from upholstery spray or apply Real Soap Plus undiluted. Using an ENJO Fibre work in a circular motion from the centre out. Wash with fresh water, then sponge or towel dry.
  • Real Soap Plus can also be used for washing coloured or dark clothes (use 1 or 2 tablespoons for 4 to 5 kg of washing).

*Why does ENJO offer “detergents”? For things like heavy burnt on grime or strong calcium deposits. The ENJOtex fibre is a fantastic product but it can’t work wonders. With our fibres we can eliminate 90% of household detergents. For the other cleaning challenges we offer a selected range of cleaners based on natural raw materials.