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Polishing Cleaner

AED 65.00

Concentrated but gentle for where you want a high-gloss shine.

Size: 250ml

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A multipurpose detergent that can be used for all areas and objects that need to be cleaned powerfully, yet gently. Containing a high content of natural oils, the Polishing Cleaner can be used on hard surfaces where a shine is desirable including tiles, vinyl, ceramics, polished wood, parquet, laminate and bamboo floors, glass, chrome or car varnish.

The pH-value is neutral and the liquid is soft on the skin because of the all natural ingredients, predominantly coconut oil.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry and dark place. USE SPARINGLY!


  • 2-3 drops of Polishing Cleaner is sufficient for 5 litres of water, or 2 drops of Polishing Cleaner can be put directly on the fibre. A few drops in the rinse water are sufficient to achieve an optimal shining result.
  • For Parquet or Laminate floors – use 1 or 2 drops diluted with water in your spraybottle to bring back the shine.
  • This gentle cleaner can also be used to put a shine on natural stone such as marble, granite.

*Why does ENJO offer “detergents”? For things like heavy burnt on grime or strong calcium deposits. The ENJOtex fibre is a fantastic product but it can’t work wonders. With our fibres we can eliminate 90% of household detergents. For the other cleaning challenges we offer a selected range of cleaners based on natural raw materials.