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Plus Line Flexifibre

From AED 90.00

Our Flexifibre is used to clean high and hard-to-reach places when used with the Flexi Tool.

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Use this fibre with ENJO’s Flexi tool to clean light dirt and grease from high or hard to reach places like above, below and beside appliances, between the vanity and shower screen and air vents. Will bend in many directions to suit different surfaces.

Caution: The fibre is only suitable for light soilage. If rubbed too hard on the edges the Flexi can have the effect of a knife and cut through the fibre. When using the Flexi ensure there is enough space around it to be able to manipulate it without crushing the fibre. Keep away from children so they don’t use it as a “toy sword”.


  • In conjunction with the Power Grip and Flexi tool the overhead reach is up to half a metre (or 2.5 metres with the Telescopic Pole).
  • Use DAMP to WET.


25cm Fibre, 55cm Fibre