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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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Plus Line Cloth Soft

AED 80.00

ENJO's solution to long lasting purification for delicate home surfaces.

Use for light dirt and cleaning jobs within the house.

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Great for any sensitive surface such as waxed wooden furniture, wooden window frames and doors, high gloss tiles and natural stone (marble and tile) that have been treated with a wax coating/polish or other care product.

Caution: When polishing cars always choose a shaded area and never polish in bright sunlight. Intense sunlight causes streaks in the car paint that are hard to remove. Always try on an inconspicuous spot first when polishing antique furniture or jewellery.


  • Best cleaning results when the fibre is damp (spray with water from the ENJO spray bottle).
  • Use DRY to WET.