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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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Outdoor Pack


AED 240.00 AED 210.00

Perfect for cleaning the BBQ, outdoor shoes, fish ponds and pool tiles.

A thorough gentle clean is guaranteed; the pack consists of our Outdoor Glove, which holds grease and dirt, and the Outdoor ENJOfil, which dries to a wonderful shine.

Normal value is AED 240 → when bought as a pack you save AED 30!

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Examples of use include: sportsgear, boats, children’s playground equipment, tricycles, gardening tools, swimming pools, spas, running shoes, outdoor furniture, greenhouse roofs, conservatories, window sills, tents, shade sails, flower pots, letter-boxes, sculptures, fountains, car wheels and so on.


  • Work with enough water to lift grease, avoid using the very rough side on paintwork to prevent scratching.
  • Use WET (Glove) to DAMP (ENJOfil).

Caution: Make sure the BBQ is cool before using the fibres.