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Outdoor Duoglove

AED 135.00

The ideal assistant for removing heavy dirt and grease outdoors.

An extremely versatile fibre; use the light grey side for lighter dirt, and the dark grey side for heavier dirt.

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Examples of use include: sportsgear, boats, children’s playground equipment, tricycles, gardening tools, swimming pools, spas, running shoes, outdoor furniture, greenhouse roofs, conservatories, window sills, tents, shade sails, flower pots, letter-boxes, sculptures, fountains, car wheels and so on.

Caution: Do not use the Outdoor Duoglove on lacquer or any painted surface i.e. car bodywork as it will scratch!


  • The dark grey side is excellent for cleaning the algae covered bottom of a boat. Also great on sooty and smoke blackened fireplace doors and dirty BBQ plates or grills.
  • Use DAMP to WET.