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Marble Paste

AED 110.00

Ideal for tough stains where a little help is required.

Size: 320ml

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Excellent for use where the fibre alone is not enough. Stainless steel sinks, any metal, acrylic wash basins, ceramic hobs/stove tops, stains and baked on remains in the oven or pots, as well as any surface which can be polished. Ideal for chromed objects, for brake dust on car/motorbike alloy wheels or oxidized surfaces. Garden furniture made of synthetic or metal material.

Caution: Do not store Marble Paste wet, place the lid on top of the container, without twisting shut to let the Marble Paste dry. Otherwise mould could grow which would have to be removed thoroughly. Do not use on coated surfaces (e.g. silver plated cutlery) or sanitary fittings with special colour or plastic coatings. Not suitable on Perspex. Store out of the reach of children in a cool, dry, dark place.


  • Use Marble Paste with a damp ENJO Fibre and wipe onto the surface to be cleaned. Rinse the fibre well afterwards.
  • Our Marble Paste replaces all common, harsh abrasive products and can be used for polishing various hard surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors. The Marble Paste is long lasting because of it’s fine consistency.
  • Indispensable in the kitchen especially for ceramic stove tops. Ovens with baked on remains can be cleaned quicker and with less effort. The Marble Paste has a polishing effect because of its fine grains and can’t scratch hard surfaces.

*Why does ENJO offer “detergents”? For things like heavy burnt on grime or strong calcium deposits. The ENJOtex fibre is a fantastic product but it can’t work wonders. With our fibres we can eliminate 90% of household detergents. For the other cleaning challenges we offer a selected range of cleaners based on natural raw materials.