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Lint Glove


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Say good-bye to lint, hair and fluff on fabric furniture.

Use to lift dust, hair, fluff and lint off fabrics easily. An ideal travel companion.

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Will remove lint from soft furnishings, clothing, fabrics and suede items as well as other ENJO fibres. Work against grain to collect lint and with the grain to remove lint from the glove.

Caution: On sensitive fabrics such as wool or velvet try first on an inconspicuous area – material could be snagged.


  • The Lint Glove removes lint and hair/dandruff from dress jackets and coats.
  • Use the Lint Glove to remove the pieces when a paper tissue has been washed with the laundry by mistake.
  • Clean the Glove with damp fingers.
  • Use DRY.