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Kitchen Flexi


AED 215.00 AED 150.00

This tool is amazing. Includes tool, grip & fibre.

The enormous flexibility of this ENJO tool is unbeatable. The Flexi is made of first class steel which can be bent easily in all directions and then holds each shape securely; perfect for cleaning the inside of vases, bottles and other narrow items.

Length: 25cm

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The metal has a rounded edge and is coated in plastic for protection.


  • This tool is great for cleaning the inside of vases, bottles, carafes and other narrow items.
  • Also good for cleaning the tops of kitchen cupboards and other hard to reach areas. The grip is removable and can be substituted with our telescopic pole for cleaning higher areas.
  • Use fibre DAMP to WET.

Caution: This is not a toy. Should be kept out of reach of children. Fibres should not be used on hot surfaces.