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Kitchen Duocloth

AED 75.00

The small double-sided cloth for heavy kitchen dirt and grease.

Use on all surfaces in the kitchen to remove heavy soilage.

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Ideal for stove tops, baking trays, ovens, plastics, kitchen utensils, appliances, toasters and so on.

Caution: Surfaces should be cool before using kitchen fibres. Fibre should not be used regularly on wooden surfaces as they will gradually remove varnish, stain or wax – use the Plus Line Cloth Soft on these surfaces instead.


  • The green side with the black scouring patches serves as a scourer. It removes heavily baked on grime on ovens, ceramic/glass hobs and cook tops. The green fibre in between the black scouring patches is a unique fibre which lifts the loosened grime and water.
  • Best results are achieved by using cold water as heavy kitchen soilage is usually greasy – and if warm or hot water is used it will merely smear the dirt around. Warm water may be used to loosen dirt that is NOT greasy.
  • Use with ENJO Marble Paste to remove heavily burnt on/stubborn grime from any surface in no time. The scouring fibres will not damage or scratch delicate or non-stick surfaces.
  • Use DAMP to WET.