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Floorfibre Strong

AED 210.00

Our strong fibre for problem surfaces and stained, greasy floors.

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Use for deep cleaning; this fibre will remove the build-up of dirt, grime, detergents or other residues from indoor surfaces and outdoor Alfresco tiling. This fibre is ideal for extremely dirty or textured, uneven indoor surfaces or external areas including unsealed slate, sandstone, unsealed terracotta and uneven tiles.

Caution: This fibre takes all waxes and oils off floors, ceilings and walls. Therefore it is only suitable for heavy duty or sealed floors i.e. non-oiled/non-waxed wood or natural stone. Do not leave dirty or wet Floorfibres to dry on the Floorcleaner.


  • For indoor surfaces or high gloss floors use the Soft or Medium Floorfibre to dry off the floor after cleaning as this fibre can only retain a limited amount of water.
  • Use WET.