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Floorfibre Dust

AED 210.00

Allergists swear by our pore deep and fast floor cleaning.

Anywhere dry dusting is required. Smooth floors, wall surfaces and ceilings of any kind.

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The fibres will trap human and animal hair and small particles and not release them until shaken or washed. Use in place of sweeping to keep dust and other particles out of the air.

Caution: If the Floorfibre Dust is used on very oily surfaces or surfaces treated with synthetic polishes the fibre could become clogged and would become less effective. If this should be the case wash the fibre in the washing machine.


  • Charge the Floorfibre Dust first by rubbing with your free hand for a few seconds to create a static charge.
  • The ENJO Floorfibre Dust does not require washing after each use. It is sufficient if after use the fibre is given a good shake outdoors, or brushed with a coarse brush. Only when you feel that the fibre looks dirty, wash it in the washing machine.
  • Use DRY.