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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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Floorcleaner Plate

AED 150.00

Our patented floor cleaning tool combines functionality with easy handling.

Use in combination with the Telescopic Pole to clean floors, ceilings, doors, tiled walls, air-conditioning vents, conservatories, trucks, buses and boats.

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Caution: If the ‘Close’ lever was pressed by mistake while the Floorcleaner was in an open position the ‘Open’ lever has to be pressed again to avoid jamming the Plate.


  • The correct height for the pole is chin height. When using this tool you should be able to clean in a straight and relaxed position; the Telescopic Pole is too low if you have to bend and too high if the Floorcleaner Plate is too far away from your body.
  • Use the complete tool in a ‘S’ motion moving towards yourself. Use with water only (except for Floorfibre Dust which is used DRY).
  • The full area of the Floorcleaner Plate presses the Fibre with the correct pressure to the floor, wall, or ceiling and enables the Fibres to clean deeply into surface crevices.
  • The 360° joint enables effortless cleaning in and around corners. It also allows for the Floorcleaner Plate to be used lying flat to clean under things, or standing on its side for skirting boards and so on.