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Bathroom Maid Set


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No need to get your hands dirty when cleaning toilets.

The Bathroom Maid Set can be used to replace the toilet brush.

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The tool allows you to clean difficult corners effortlessly. The toilet rim can be easily and efficiently cleaned with the pointed tip of the Fibre.


  • To attach the fibre to the maid tool, put fibre over the upper end of the plastic tool and secure the fibre with the press stud.
  • Replacement fibres are available for purchase on their own.
  • If the fibre is not strong enough (e.g. for the initial clean) put a few drops of pure Calcium Dissolver onto the fibre tip and clean along the toilet rim. Leave to take effect and then rinse thoroughly. Even hard to remove stains will be dissolved.
  • Use WET.

Caution: Do not rub or scratch the leading edge on hard objects such as rough tiled floors as it may damage the fibre.