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Bathroom Flexi


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This flexible tool is amazing.
Includes tool, grip & fibre.

Length: 25cm

ENJO 25cm flexi

1 x Flexi (25cm)

For cleaning hard to reach places with the appropriate fibres.


Enjo Middle East Online Store - Power Grip

1 x Power Grip

Our ergonomic handle enables a firm grip, fits all tools.


Enjo Middle East Online Store - Bathroom Flexifibre

1 x Bathroom Flexifibre

When used with the ENJO flexi tool this is an unbeatable combination; perfect for cleaning toilets and drains.


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The enormous flexibility of this ENJO tool is unbeatable. The Flexi is made of first class steel which can be bent easily in all directions and hold each shape securely. It has a rounded edge and is coated in plastic for protection.


  • For cleaning toilets, drains and other areas.
  • Use this as a replacement for the toilet brush. The toilet rim can be easily and most efficiently cleaned with the pointed tip of the Flexi.
  • If the toilet is stained start by putting a few drops of pure Calcium Dissolver onto the fibre tip and clean along the toilet rim. Leave to take effect and then rinse thoroughly. Even hard to remove stains will be dissolved.
  • Use fibre WET.

Caution: This is not a toy. Should be kept out of reach of children. Do not use leading edge on rough tiles as it could be damaged.


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