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Bathroom ENJOfil

AED 105.00

ENJO’s Bathroom Enjofil is perfect for drying all bathroom surfaces.

Use daily as a super absorbent, streak free drying cloth.

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Leaves surfaces lint free. Can also be used damp on light soilage and very smooth surfaces such as chromed objects, glass and mirrors to remove water spots and finger marks.

Its important to remove all moisture from your clean surfaces to discourage bacteria growth.

Caution: Sharp edges can damage this superfine cloth. This affects the looks but not the cleaning ability of the cloth. Wash this cloth with white items only or it will become discoloured – this does not affect its efficacy.


  • For drying – fold cloth 2–3 times through the middle. You will get 4–8 cloth areas, which can be used to dry off surfaces.
  • Damp use – wet the Enjofil completely with cold water, squeeze excess water, and then fold 2–3 times through the middle. You will get 4–8 cloth areas with which you can clean.
  • Use DRY to DAMP.