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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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Use these fibres dry.

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    • Allergists swear by our pore deep and fast floor cleaning.

      Anywhere dry dusting is required. Smooth floors, wall surfaces and ceilings of any kind.

      AED 210.00
    • Say good-bye to lint, hair and fluff on fabric furniture.

      Use to lift dust, hair, fluff and lint off fabrics easily. An ideal travel companion.

      AED 100.00 AED 50.00
    • Use these fibres throughout your home for the polishing of car paintwork, leather, silver and wood.

      AED 195.00 AED 120.00
    • This flexible tool is amazing.
      Includes tool, grip & fibre.

      Length: 55cm

      AED 300.00 AED 200.00
    • Our classic fibre for sensational dusting results, and clean air.

      Where-ever dusting is needed in the house, the ENJO Dust Glove is your best friend.

      AED 125.00
    • Polish metals and nourish wooden items with our Polishing Pack.

      The Polishing Glove will clean silver and leather without chemicals and will even remove water stains from suede shoes. Our Leather & Wood Balm nourishes wood and smooth leather for extra TLC (tender loving care)!

      AED 235.00 AED 210.00
    • The lens cloths come in a set of 2 in a handy little container – keep one in your sunglasses case and one with your camera. The Polishing Cloth is perfect to shine up your silverware in time for Christmas: cutlery, old family heirlooms and silver jewellery.

      AED 135.00
    • “Sweep” and “mop” floors quickly and easily the ENJO way!

      Normal value is AED 720

      AED 720.00 AED 600.00
    • Quite simply the best tea towel in the whole world. You will be amazed at how many dishes it can dry.

      Use for drying all dishes, cutlery, crockery, pans and flat-ware.

      AED 105.00
    • When used with the ENJO flexi tool this is an unbeatable combination; perfect for dusting aircon vents, cupboard tops, under the fridge and other hard to reach places in the home.

      Fibre Length: 55cm

      AED 115.00
    • Our small double sided cloth for in-between cleaning and drying.

      This cloth is used for cleaning surfaces in the bathroom.

      AED 75.00
    • ENJO's double-sided hero for cleaning and drying all bathroom surfaces.

      One side of the glove is used for cleaning surfaces in the bathroom, the other for drying.

      AED 135.00
    • ENJO's Leather & Wood Balm treats leather & wood products.

      Size: 240ml tub, comes with a small version of our Polishing Cloth.

      AED 115.00
    • Crystal clear sight with our cloth for glasses and lenses.

      AED 60.00
    • Our Polishing Cloth is used for polishing smaller household items.

      AED 75.00
    • ENJO's Polishing Glove is used throughout the home for polishing.

      Suitable for use on car paintwork, leather, silver and wood.

      AED 120.00