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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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Get the best value via our ENJO packs.

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  • Gently cleanse face and body with our special Body Pack.

    We use our revolutionary fibre technology to give the body what it needs – pore deep cleaning.

    Normal value is AED 205 → when bought as a set you save AED 20!

    AED 185.00
  • Clean your motorcar or motorbike with very little water indeed.

    A thorough gentle clean is guaranteed; the Garage Glove holds the dirt, and the Outdoor ENJOfil dries gently to a wonderful shine.

    AED 240.00 AED 210.00
  • Window, mirror and surface cleaning has never been so easy.

    Use for any large, smooth washable surfaces such as doors, mirrors, shower walls, walls, ceilings, tiles, staircases, tables, boats, roof windows, car roofs, lorry windows, swimming pool covering and so on.

    From AED 300.00
  • “Sweep” and “mop” floors quickly and easily the ENJO way!

    Normal value is AED 720 → when bought as a set you save AED 70!

    5 out of 5
    AED 650.00
  • Pretty much everything you need to clean your home thoroughly.

    This pack of ENJO fibres is all you need to remove chemicals from your home. Tackle all your household cleaning jobs with ENJO's home pack.

    Normal value is AED 1,860 → when bought as a pack you save AED 205!

    We will also send you a discount coupon for Maid Training in Dubai when you purchase this set online.

    AED 1,860.00 AED 1,650.00
  • Perfect for cleaning the BBQ, outdoor shoes, fish ponds and pool tiles.

    A thorough gentle clean is guaranteed; the pack consists of our Outdoor Glove, which holds grease and dirt, and the Outdoor ENJOfil, which dries to a wonderful shine.

    Normal value is AED 240 → when bought as a pack you save AED 30!

    AED 240.00 AED 210.00
  • Polish metals and nourish wooden items with our Polishing Pack.

    The Polishing Glove will clean silver and leather without chemicals and will even remove water stains from suede shoes. Our Leather & Wood Balm nourishes wood and smooth leather for extra TLC (tender loving care)!

    Normal value is AED 235 → when bought as a set you save AED 25!

    AED 235.00 AED 210.00
  • The lens cloths come in a set of 2 in a handy little container – keep one in your sunglasses case and one with your camera. The Polishing Cloth is perfect to shine up your silverware in time for Christmas: cutlery, old family heirlooms and silver jewellery.

    AED 135.00
  • Perfect for those new to ENJO. A basic starter set.

    This pack of ENJO fibres is a great way to start removing chemicals from your home. Start tackling kitchen, bathroom and dust in your home without chemicals.

    Normal value is AED 670 → when bought as a set you save AED 70!

    AED 670.00 AED 600.00

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