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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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ENJO fibres that lovingly care for your home’s shiny bits and pieces.

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  • Use these fibres throughout your home for the polishing of car paintwork, leather, silver and wood.

    AED 195.00 AED 120.00
  • The lens cloths come in a set of 2 in a handy little container – keep one in your sunglasses case and one with your camera. The Polishing Cloth is perfect to shine up your silverware in time for Christmas: cutlery, old family heirlooms and silver jewellery.

    AED 135.00
  • Unbeatable streak-free results when used for drying cutlery and glass.

    Can also be used for polishing cutlery and other flatware as it comes out of the dishwasher for a perfect, smudge-free finish.

    AED 105.00
  • ENJO's Leather & Wood Balm treats leather & wood products.

    Size: 240ml tub, comes with a small version of our Polishing Cloth.

    AED 115.00
  • Crystal clear sight with our cloth for glasses and lenses.

    AED 60.00
  • Our Polishing Cloth is used for polishing smaller household items.

    AED 75.00
  • ENJO's Polishing Glove is used throughout the home for polishing.

    Suitable for use on car paintwork, leather, silver and wood.

    AED 120.00