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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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ENJO fibres for cleaning general areas in your home.

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  • ENJO’s Bathroom Enjofil is perfect for drying all bathroom surfaces.

    Use daily as a super absorbent, streak free drying cloth.

    AED 105.00
  • For regular cleaning of tiled and sealed floor. Replaces your “mop”.

    AED 210.00
  • Gentle cleaning of smooth surfaces such as floors and walls.

    For light to average dirt on internal floor surfaces – specifically oiled, waxed and unsealed floors.

    AED 210.00
  • Our strong fibre for problem surfaces and stained, greasy floors.

    AED 210.00
  • Prevent your delicate fibres from getting snagged in the wash.

    AED 30.00
  • Say good-bye to lint, hair and fluff on fabric furniture.

    Use to lift dust, hair, fluff and lint off fabrics easily. An ideal travel companion.

    AED 100.00 AED 50.00
  • Ideal for hard or tough surfaces both indoors and out.

    For heavy duty outdoor areas that require a more aggressive clean – fibres will withstand heavy duty use.

    AED 210.00
  • Our fibre for sensational, easy carpet cleaning with water only.

    Use to clean rugs, carpet floors, carpet stair cases and carpets.

    AED 210.00
  • ENJO's solution to long lasting purification for delicate home surfaces.

    Use for light dirt and cleaning jobs within the house.

    AED 80.00
  • ENJO's answer for spots and stains on fabrics and textiles.

    For cleaning textiles like carpets, sofas, clothes, shoes and car seats.

    AED 135.00
  • Drying is made easy with our super-absorbent, high quality ENJOfil.

    For daily use in all areas of the house to achieve a streak-free shine.

    AED 105.00
  • Our Flexifibre is used to clean high and hard-to-reach places when used with the Flexi Tool.

    From AED 90.00