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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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ENJO fibres and products used for cleaning windows, as well as those used for streak-free drying. Drying is an important step to ensure the removal of any residual moisture – leaving a clean and bacteria free shine.

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    • Our revolutionary all-rounder for fast and flexible window and surface cleaning.

      Use for windows, conservatories, mirrors and any large smooth washable surfaces such as doors, mirrors, greenhouses for a streak-free and effortless shine.

      From AED 100.00 From AED 50.00
    • This double-sided Duoglove combines the magic of our Kitchen Glove with the extra cleaning power of the Duocloth.

      Used in the kitchen for ALL surfaces.

      AED 135.00 AED 70.00
    • Window, mirror and surface cleaning has never been so easy.

      Use for any large, smooth washable surfaces such as doors, mirrors, shower walls, walls, ceilings, tiles, staircases, tables, boats, roof windows, car roofs, lorry windows, swimming pool covering and so on.

      AED 500.00 AED 300.00
    • When used with the ENJO flexi tool this is an unbeatable combination; perfect for dusting aircon vents, cupboard tops, under the fridge and other hard to reach places in the home.

      Fibre Length: 55cm

      AED 90.00 AED 70.00
    • Always at your fingertips, our classic fibre for kitchen cleaning.

      ENJO's Kitchen Glove is used in the kitchen for ALL surfaces.

      AED 125.00 AED 70.00
    • ENJO's Leather & Wood Balm treats leather & wood products.

      Size: 240ml tub, comes with a small version of our Polishing Cloth.

      AED 115.00 AED 70.00
    • For high-tech drying; super soft, strongly absorbent and long lasting

      For daily use in all outdoor areas including on motor vehicles.

      AED 105.00 AED 40.00
    • Drying is made easy with our super-absorbent, high quality ENJOfil.

      For daily use in all areas of the house to achieve a streak-free shine.

      AED 105.00 AED 70.00
    • Our Polishing Cloth is used for polishing smaller household items.

      AED 75.00 AED 20.00
    • ENJO's Polishing Glove is used throughout the home for polishing.

      Suitable for use on car paintwork, leather, silver and wood.

      AED 120.00 AED 40.00