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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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ENJO products specifically designed to tackle soap scum, mildew and other bathroom nasties.

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  • ENJO’s Bathroom Enjofil is perfect for drying all bathroom surfaces.

    Use daily as a super absorbent, streak free drying cloth.

    AED 105.00
  • Always at your fingertips, our classic fibre for the bathroom.

    ENJO’s Bathroom Glove is used for All surfaces in the bathroom, from the sink to the bath tub.

    AED 125.00
  • This flexible tool is amazing.
    Includes tool, grip & fibre.

    Length: 25cm

    AED 215.00 AED 150.00
  • No need to get your hands dirty when cleaning toilets.

    The Bathroom Maid Set can be used to replace the toilet brush.

    AED 65.00 AED 55.00
  • Our all-rounder for revolutionary cleaning of tiles and shower doors.

    From AED 100.00 From AED 50.00
  • The ideal assistant for cleaning bathroom tiles and tile joints.

    Use with Calcium Dissolver in the case of strong calcium deposits on the tiles and grouting.

    AED 75.00
  • When used with the ENJO flexi tool this is an unbeatable combination; perfect for cleaning toilets and drains.

    Fibre Length: 25cm

    AED 90.00
  • Our small double sided cloth for in-between cleaning and drying.

    This cloth is used for cleaning surfaces in the bathroom.

    AED 75.00
  • ENJO's double-sided hero for cleaning and drying all bathroom surfaces.

    One side of the glove is used for cleaning surfaces in the bathroom, the other for drying.

    AED 135.00