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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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This is all the stock we have left.


Posted by in News, Offers on 26 May 2013

We are super excited that our online store is now live!

We are only shipping within the UAE at this stage, with either a Paypal or Bank Transfer payment option. Delivery via Aramex.

Posted by in Eco, News on 1 December 2011

We have just taken delivery of our last stock shipment for this year, and are now able to introduce you to three lovely new additions to our local range.

Remember if you have a full-time maid we can train, and re-train*, for a nominal fee, whenever convenient. Some cleaning companies in Dubai also have ENJO trained ladies – please ask us for more details if this is something you need.

Ok onwards the new products.

Posted by in Tests, Videos Tags: on 9 November 2011

If we have met you, and spoken to you about ENJO, then you already know that our products are not sold in stores. We get a lot of questions about that. What is the reason?

Well the simple answer is that you have to see ENJO working to really appreciate it, and not only that, to believe it even works at all. For most people it’s tough getting to grips with the fact that WATER and some fibres can really clean properly. I know I struggled with the idea myself until I saw it demonstrated. And seeing and feeling ENJO clean is all very well, but we all know that germs and bacteria are invisible to the naked eye. So can we prove it?