How to clean your floors with ENJO

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Here’s a handy video showing how easy it is to clean your floors with ENJO.

No more chemical residue, no more back-ache! Great for anyone with allergies as the dust fibre stops the dust and hairs from flying around your head like they do when sweeping, and no more wasting electricity vacuuming the tiles..

  • Allergists swear by our pore deep and fast floor cleaning.

    Anywhere dry dusting is required. Smooth floors, wall surfaces and ceilings of any kind.

    AED 210.00
  • For regular cleaning of tiled and sealed floor. Replaces your “mop”.

    AED 210.00
  • Gentle cleaning of smooth surfaces such as floors and walls.

    For light to average dirt on internal floor surfaces – specifically oiled, waxed and unsealed floors.

    AED 210.00