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We offer an innovative, fast and efficient cleaning system that uses only water whilst protecting the environment.

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Care & Usage

We love how there is an ENJO fibre for every job imaginable…but sometimes it is tricky keeping track of which one is best for what dirt, and how to use and care for them.

So here is our brief refresher in case you have forgotten, or didn’t know in the first place.

The fibres are nicely colour coded to keep their areas of use clear, as follows:

  • Green: for Greasy jobs in the kitchen…and food mess anywhere
  • White: for the bathroom (matches the porcelain most of the time
  • Blue: for general household cleaning
  • Orange: for dust, used dry always
  • Yellow: for polishing…making things as bright and shiny as the sun (which is happily also yellow); used dry
  • Grey: for outdoor use..matches all the chrome on the BBQ

If you ever do get stuck you can also check the ENJO label on the fibre, which will also guide you, as follows:

ENJO Usage tips ENJO Usage tips ENJO Usage tips
ENJO Usage tips ENJO Usage tips ENJO Usage tips
ENJO Usage tips ENJO Usage tips ENJO Usage tips

Some other tips

  • Wash all fibres before using them the first time (except for the Lint Glove that is);
  • Don’t use bleach, softener, tumble-driers or wring the fibres;
  • Don’t leave dirty or wet floor fibres on the Floorcleaner Plate;
  • Use a laundry bag when washing the smaller fibres;
  • Lightly soiled fibres can be hand-washed;
  • For medium / heavily soiled fibres wash them in the washing machine with laundry liquid, no hotter than 60 degrees C;
  • Wash the white fibres seperately or they will become discoloured over time (which doesn’t affect their effectiveness);
  • Hang fibres to dry after washing;
  • Occasionally rinse the Floorcleaner Plate to keep it free from grit.

When using the fibres with water the following steps are advised:

  1. Wet the top of the fibre.
  2. Roll the water through evenly.
  3. Squeeze out any excess water (don’t wring).

ENJO Usage tips